Fishtail from ABC by @Siling Ghale

I had two weeks off this past October and I wanted to make the best out of my free time – to go to a place I’ve never been that had big mountains, etc. I did not want a group trip experience – I wanted to take only my sister Jolanta with me for a ‘life changing’ adventure.¬† Jolanta recently got into photography, so she also wanted to experiment with her camera and learn more from someone who is a more experienced photographer.

We decided on the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek in Nepal as the destination for our two weeks holidays: we have never been¬† in that region before (new trek), it’s a classic and one of the most popular treks in Nepal (amazing views guaranteed) and it’s doable within 2 weeks period (most treks require at least 3 weeks due to remoteness of these locations).

We were going to trek alone but neither I nor Jolanta had time to organize the logistics of the trip. We also wanted to travel as light as possible (but comfortable) as Jolanta was going to carry a heavy photo camera. We wanted to completely enjoy these two weeks without a worry.

I felt I won in a lottery when I approached Siling for help with our Annapurna trek. He has not only arranged a porter to accompany us and organized all logistics but also joined as the guide himself. Siling is an owner of the Responsible Traveller’s company in Nepal. He has many of years of guiding experience (plus Nepal’s bird expert!) as well as is a fantastic photographer! To be continued…


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