Franciwell, our local Malawi (also Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique) operator is a unique guy – very knowledgeable and entertaining. Few years ago, when me and me partner reached out to him for support with our quest of the highest peak in Zambia, he put an itinerary that we still think was the best of all our experiences ever. You can read more about the original adventure here.

I was in contact with Franciwell since that trip and always thought of how it would be wonderful to offer this experience to other people. The moment is coming now with the launch of the company which aims to offer the best of experiences and a reasonable cost.

Our unique Africa adventure will offer you a few choices:

  1. ‘End to end’ Adventure: A three weeks trip that includes a safari experience in Zambia, Victoria Falls adventure, Lake Malawi visit and climbing highest peaks in four different countries: Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe – all these amazing experiences in just 3 weeks;
  2. ‘Safari, Victoria Falls and Lake Malawi (including Mt Mulange): A two weeks adventure to one of the best safari’s (also safari camps), famous Victoria falls from both Zambia and Zimbabwe sides, as well as visit of Lake Malawi and trekking in a beautiful range of Mulange mountains (Saptiwa peak is the highest in Malawi).
  3. Four highest peaks in four neighboring countries, including Victoria Falls: A two week adventure for peak baggers in four African countries to explore unique landscapes of  Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well as a visit of famous Victoria falls of both – Zambia and Zimbabwe sides.

Since every person has a different sets of interests and preferences, we decided to offer a multi choice trip where you can pick and chose according to your interest and availability. Any part you will pick, it will be a great adventure to remember….


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